Form in Place Gasket (FIPG) solutions to seal & shield products

What is FIPG ?

Our process robotically builds a gasket directly onto a product. The material cures and becomes an integral gasket assembly, and now your part is introduced to the assembly line with the gasket bonded exactly in place. No need for glue or special features to hold your gasket onto the product. This simplified design results in cost savings & reliability.

Why choose FIPG?

Our robotics are programmed directly from your desired product CAD file. This ensures the most accuracy to accommodate the desired shape, height and width of the gasket. All paths and shapes are based in programming rather than injection-mold, dies, or cutting.This ensures a significant improvement in quality and reliability. FIPG is very durable and adheres to your part permanently, which eliminates replacement costs and increases efficiency in your product.