Environmental Dispensed In Place Gasket

Our vision is to offer robotically dispensed-in-place processes & specialized processes to companies requiring sophisticated sealing and assembly. This currently includes gaskets for Environmental Protection IP-68 and beyond, EMI / RFI Shielding for FCC compliancy; micro wave antenna signals, Class 100,000 / sterile Cleanroom production for Medical Surgical devise assembly, ESD, electrostatic discharge Class A for sensitive electronic assemblies. Bekmar has developed DIP gaskets for fuel cell grade materials.

Bekmar Automated Gasketing Process

2 main gasket types:

Conductive gaskets are used on electronic devices for shielding EMI/RFI radio frequencies. This is usually required for remote wireless devices such as cell phones and wireless internet devices that must comply with FCC regulations. We have several types of conductive materials available to meet different requirements.

Environmental gaskets are used where protection is required for internal components.

Our robotically dispensed gasket process ensures your seal is precisely placed onto every part. The gasket becomes an integral assembly so there is no need for fitting the seal as with conventional die-cut or molded gaskets. Our gasket materials adhere to plastics, aluminum, steel, glass, painted surfaces, plated surfaces - most any substrate used in industry. These materials allow the user to disassemble and re-assemble parts without compromising the integrity of the gasket function.