We offer 100s of materials to suite your specification

By working with many material suppliers all over the world, Bekmar can offer 100s of choices for your gasket material.
We can even procure custom formulations. Below we have listed a few examples.

  • Environmental sealing from the elements to specific I.P., MEMA or custom requirements.
  • Electrically conductive Ag, Cu, Ni, Graphite, filled for high frequency shielding to meet FCC Certification.
  • Silicones: extreme temperatures, oil resistant, dielectric, thermal conductive/ resistive.
  • Medical Grade Silicone: Certified for use with re-circulating blood.
  • Flourosilicones: gas/fuel resistant,¬†Nano-tube filled materials, optional tube shapes.
  • Flouroelastomers: aggressive chemical resistant.
  • Extreme environments: internal engine components, fuel cells, gas & oil, high / low temperatures.

Tell us your requirements and we can recommend the material and design to meet your specifications

Medical technology at Its Best

Class 100,000 / sterile Clean Room. Inspection of dispensed gasket for surgical device. To the right is a gasket, certified for recirculating blood during Aneurysm repair surgery.