Medical DIPG, Environmental Controlled, Sterile Class 100,000 Cleanroom

Development of medical & surgical equipment is evolving faster than ever.

The need for specialized processes to aid in the evolvement of new products is essential. DIPG allows freedom of design in a fraction of the space. Small intricate 3-dimensional complex gaskets can be achieved. We also offer assembly services for complex modules requiring robotic placement of adhesives and parts. Spray coatings and surface treatments can be precisely applied.

Bekmar Corporation's technical specialists in Broomfield, Colorado, provide you with custom designed gaskets for all types of applications. Our gaskets undergo rigorous testing, from an electrical continuity test to water immersion, to ensure product integrity.

Custom-Made FIP Gaskets

With a wide variety of materials and physical properties available combined with our versatile dispensing, curing, and testing methods, the possibilities are endless! We can create conductive and non-conductive form-in-place gaskets crafted to meet your design criteria.

Engineered to Pass Industry Tests

National Electronic Manufacturer Association (NEMA) is standardized tests used in the electronics industry. It includes the ingress protection (IP) test used to determine the degree of protection provided by a product enclosure. This test is usually conducted to see if products remain intact when exposed to extreme environmental conditions, in machines used outdoors. Our form-in-place gaskets undergo NEMA's series of tests in order to pass the article inspection and receive a certificate of compliance. Other tests include:

Water Immersion Testing • Leak Testing • Continuity Testing • IP67 Testing • IP Testing