Serving Clients Worldwide

In the Business Since 1997

Serving Clients Worldwide

In the Business Since 1997

New Technology

Our FIPG Process and New Technology

Today, product development happens in shorter cycles. To compete, time to market must be quicker. Current manufacturing methods, i.e., molding, stamping, machining, and so on, are ending evolution. These processes require expensive tooling that takes months to build. A revolution in manufacturing technology and methodology began at BEKMAR CORPORATION in 1997.

In addition to our FIPG process, we offer manufacturing techniques that can support product development through volume production. Providing multiple processes performed at the same location provides many cost-saving advantages. Qualifying specifications include IPX IP67, EMI/RFI FCC, NEMA, FDA, Medical, and Extreme conditions.

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Industries We Are Servicing:

Microwave analyzer, Industrial Sensing Monitors, Oil & Gas, Extreme Environment, Touch-Screen, Mining, Automotive, Medical Manufacturing (clean-room/bio sterile including recirculating blood), Consumer Products, Telecom, Aviation, Remote Wireless, Fuel Cells, Human & Animal Monitoring, Satellite, Aquatic, DNA, Electronics Shielding, Antenna, Up/Down Converter/satellites, GPS, & Food industry. 

Shielding for FCC compliance, microwave antenna signals, Class 100,000/sterile Cleanroom production for Medical-Surgical devise assembly, ESD, electrostatic discharge Class A for sensitive electronic assemblies, high-performance gasket and bonding assembly for Caterpillars V16 engine oil sensor.

DIPG has a presence in almost all industries—fuel Cell, Mining, and Micro-Wave Analyzers, to name a few. Engineering and Manufacturing specializing in micro-manufacturing, such as:

  • FIPG
  • Environmental gasket/seals 
    • (a) Extreme temperatures  
    • (b) UV resistant
  • Shielding EMI/RFI 
    • Electromechanical Interference 
    • Radio Frequency Interference
  • Chemical Resistant
  • High-Pressure Seals 
  • Low Compression Force Materials to Shore 0 Range 
  • Custom Cross Sections, Stacks, and Offsets 
  • Hydrogen Permeation (Low Swell) Resistant 
  • Assembly–Electromechanical 
  • Static Prevention to Level 1 
  • Precision Part Bonding 

We support volumes from one prototype to volume production. Your gasket will not slip out of place during assembly, which is the root cause of many field failures. BEKMAR CORPORATION has played a significant role in promoting these processes and opening the door to deposition manufacturing. 

Engineering companies must manufacture. It has been stated by many experts that as a company develops and evolves a product, engineering needs to be closely involved with production issues. What works and doesn’t is vital knowledge; empirical data from production provide better, more efficient product design cycles. At BEKMAR CORPORATION, communication with our customers is our priority.